Sanwer Campus

  • Campus In Acres : 1.86 acres
    Campus In mtrs   : 7490 sq. mtrs
    Area Of Playground (sq.mtrs) : 3600 sq.mtrs
    Other Facilities

    Principal’s Message

    Happy to be a part of an industry where we deal with bundles of energy, where we interact with young minds, we get opportunity to motivate them and channelize their thoughts into desired direction ….in short it feels good when we think that we are contributing our share of responsibility in shaping the future of this great nation.

    Teaching was a noble profession and in spite of my incidents and debates still it is the same. We are fortunate that we got a chance to create happy and contended human beings. All religion preaches respecting only Guru along with Mata ,Pita and Deveta. Every other profession comes after this.

    It is our utmost duty that we must try to motivate our future generation in such a manner that they realize their potential and contribute towards individual growth which leads to nation’s growth by large. Knowledge is everywhere which leads us to wisdom. Teacher should guide the pupils to open their mind, think critically and look at the things critically. This critical thinking and problem solving ability developed in the school will form the strong foundation of happy and successful future.

    Mere subject teaching is a job of ordinary people but taking care of behavior, discipline, attitude and other soft skills are essential to become a respectful teacher. Teacher must take care of value system so that each individual becomes a concerned human being who is ready to face challenges, enjoy life and contribute towards family and society. An effective teacher knows the students much deeper . She knows about his/ her positive points, reason why he is restless or happy and pave way for the student to discover his potential and helps him to achieve his dream/ goal.

    Family is the first school and school must act as the first home. It is the most divine gift to be a parent but to make them productive citizen with good human values and sanskars is the biggest challenge. We all should be thankful to the God and our parents who are providing all the necessary guidance and opportunities to grow and explore. We must strive to bring some positive change in few souls.

    If we fulfill this challenge, I think that will be the greatest task towards almighty and mankind and will be taken as greatest gift from us to mankind.

    Do what you like but love what you do…