Although the school has never hosted an MUN in place so far but the MUN club of the school named as MUNIPS has remained perpetually active throughout. The members of the club enthusiastically participate in various MUN conferences held across the city and have many achievements to their credit. To name a few of our students who have been actively involved in MUN are

Aman Patni and Yashwant Soni earned a special mention in Shri Vashnav Vidyapeeth MUN, 2017.

Harshwardhan Bhatnagar has won the Best Delegate Award in IIMUN held at NDPS Indore and Shishukunj MUN, Indore.

Samarth Agnihotri also won the Best Delegate Award in IIMUN held at NDPS, Indore.

Ashutosh Sharma in the same MUN bagged the Special Mention Award.

Gautam Jain won the special mention award at Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth MUN .