About Us

Indore Public School is a world in itself, a world of knowledge where every child is given an opportunity to excel his inherent talents. Our mentors are a reflection of our stern belief in morals and values. We believe character is an asset to an individual’s personality. There can come ups and downs in life but character should not be compromised upon in any circumstances.

India is a land of diverse cultural heritage and our school caters to kids of varied communities belonging to different caste, creed, religion and states. We are open to all and that is what makes us a dominant name in the field of education. Above all we secure every child’s interest and provide them every possible facility to harness their interests be it singing, dancing or anything else.

From basic education to polishing the brains every task is accomplished with full zeal by our heartening teachers. We have acquired faculties who are well experienced and experts in their fields. Faculties are the mirror of the education system of a school and we are proud to have a powerful and sophisticated education system.

Our manpower is par excellent and so is our infrastructure. We have a very vast campus that is probably the largest school campus in the city. The vastness of the mammoth campus is glorified by plenty of attractive facilities that are a part of it like science lab, computer lab, language lab, sports complex and the list is endless.