Indore Public School


The vision is to establish a school multifaceted in approach and endowed with an ideally suited infrastructure and environment to accomplish the multi-fold objective of education viz. to augment the academic acumen of a learner and to invest in its pupil’s holistic development, to unleash their innate potential and to drive them towards global citizenship.


  • To shape the young minds into responsible and reliable citizens. 
  • To provide top class educational infrastructure and amenities. 
  • To have an enviable teaching faculty who is not only competent but also professional, and work as a team keeping in mind to provide the best teaching approach.
  • To instill confidence, discipline and self- esteem in our students. 
  • To inculcate a positive attitude, teamwork, leadership qualities and a strong sense of patriotism. 
  • To make the students excel in Sports / Co-curricular activities of their choice with a sense of true sportsmanship. 
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