As the saying goes, “Health is Wealth”. Sports are necessary for maintaining proper health, physique and an unbending spirit. It makes a person physically strong and mentally alert. It makes one more disciplined, active and vibrant. Studies show that being involved in sports eases your tension and anxiety. A person involved in sports takes defeat graciously. Indulging in sports helps our students to become all-rounder’s, promotes healthy living, develops leadership qualities and team management among the students, thus making them good sportsmen who are mentally strong and emotionally balanced.

The school provides the best sports facilities in Football, Basketball, Cricket, Judo, Rifle shooting, Gymnastics, Tennis, Handball, Swimming and Horse riding as well.

Sanskar Rathore made a mark in the Guinness Book of World Record as the youngest Horse- Rider.

Pooja Potdar– India Team Netball PlayerHong Kong.

Amit Pilania (2007-2009)-India Player in Rifle ShootingCzechoslovakia.

Amitesh Purohit-Limbo- Skating World RecordKorea.

Alaknanda RayYoga Expert- Gold Medalist- Pondicherry and Delhi.(1994)

Sajid Lodhi- Lawn Tennis – International open event- Qatar (Dubai).

Neha KhandelwalSwimmer and DiverSri Lanka in 1995.

Jitendra ShindeBaseball Bangkok in 1998.

Abhishek Mishra – International Martial Arts Player – Delhi, 1998

Pawan Yadav and Kuldeep RaghuvanshiCricket Competition organized in Bangladesh.

In 2008 Shivi Kharia – International Football Matches – in Pakistan.

Vijay SonkarSoft Tennis Tournaments – in UAE.

Usha BhagatAerobics Nepal in year 2004.

Nine participants of Yellow Diamond Riders 2009 from Indore Public School rode on horseback for 24 hours 31 minutes from 8.15 am on March 5 to 8.46 am the next day. The riders were Neer Choudhary, Luv Soni, Anshul Porwal, Rishabh Mehta, Vishu Kala, Sahil Sharma, and Gautam Kale. They used a total of 51 horses which were changed every one hour, giving a rest of minimum 4 hours to each horse. Their names were registered in the Limca Book of Records.